About us

CA Registrar's, is an independent Conformity Assessment body for Management system Certifications. CA Registrar's, the name by it stands as "Conformity Assessment" Registrars is incorporated in the United States and spreading globally with its Unique approach to its partners world-wide. The Middle East and Asia operations are formed and functionally effective in the Region. CA Registrars record a total number of more than 7000 Certifications globally and will continue to work in many other South East Asia and South Asia regions and to expand its services of providing Value added assessments.

Our Mission is to provide courteous, friendly, ethical, "Adding-Value-Assessment", certification services with integrity. We are a consumer-centric management systems certification body with mission, values and vision with purpose services that enhances operations and administration performance of client-organizations. By abiding to legally binding charter to the protection of consumers, and to promote, encourage and participate in product and service initiatives. Our prime motive is to provide cost effective certification services to our client base that adds value to and supports the concept of the continuous improvement of aspects of their business processes regardless of the size or location of the client.

Impartiality Statement

CA Registrar's, aims to provide quality oriented and value based services in the field of third party auditing and certifications/registrations. CA Registrar's, carries out its certification activities in an impartial manner and exercises utmost care in managing conflict of interest and ensuring objectivity in certification process and decision-making. CA Registrar's, endeavour's to maintain independence in certification activities without influence of any commercial, financial, or other interests.

Derek Hedworth
President & Managing Director

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